Corn stubble fields
like two day old beards
lay softly sodden by the dew
Soybean fields lie in wait
the fruits of their labor ready
Come on harvest!
Mother earth had different plans
as the sun slipped up
a downy blanket came down
quietly forming on the warm earth
spawned by cool moist air
either a mother or a lover
put a blanket over us
then disappeared back to mystery
Not to be forgotten
tall buildings and trees poked above
and we, knowing our sun
prepared for our day of labor
Precious moments to savor
how very small we are
captives in our very small places
we can but watch
Who can stay the fog
or stop the earth from turning?
Who can cause the rains to come
or not?
Can this power be bought
or traded
or what?
ours is but to ponder
and wonder
at the beauty of it all
Selah, Lin harvest 2014