We can’t help it
don’t even want to try
Our eyes fill with tears
and, when we’re in the right places,
we simply cry.

Emotions need to get out
we’re really not made to keep them
in the right places
at the right times
we need to share them

A tightness in the throat
something is gripping us
and tears welling up
then falling like rain
is how we’re made
how we need to be

“In His own image he made them,
male and female He made them’…
So a part of God
is in each one of us
Mysteries do abound
and mothers were there
from the beginning

The ability to conceive a child
carry them in secret
birth them into a crying world
nurture them until they stand
until they walk away some day
Then rejoice in their parenting
while caring for parents

In a mother’s arms
in a mother’s heart
we live as long as she,
right there, intimately
breathes, touches

Someday, we know,
she’ll slip away from earth
but remain
in the arms of our memories
in the heart of our hearts

Rest in peace

In Remembrance of June Lincicome, mom
March 28, 2008