She Knows

This place…
From ceiling color
to spider web
from every crack or scratch
on every floor
From every wall where pictures hang
Every window
Every door

She knows this place…

These people
From parents who begat her
Held her, marveled at her birth
and loved her ever more deeply
through the years
To husband, lover
friend companion
To each child born
Sought and welcomed
Loved in turn forever
From topmost hair
to their toes
She knows them

Wherever she is
becomes the home
and she will know it better
begin to mold, to shape, to color
as only she can do

Wherever she is
her people know
shelter and love
are under her wings

Yes, change will come
to people and places
but the God born woman
shows us Him
moves us closer
ever closer, to see
He knows
as she knows
these people, these places…

Lin 03/08