They come our way
these “Extra Days”
a trick in our calendar minds

This year
Fourth of July
lands on Friday
Saturday looms ‘The Extra Day”

All day Friday
seems like Saturday
Not a weekday lined by work
not a Sunday, lined by church
So, somehow, in our mind,
Saturday is gifted
an extra day!
Friday’s Saturday
but no, not really….

All day Friday
we parade and gather
families BBQ, swimmers flock
then darkness brings the Boom Boom Boys
Thunder rumbles as firecrackers pop
and colors shoot into the sky
for just a few seconds
long plumes of orange (my favorite)
sparkle and fall
and stars explode so bright
Then they’re gone
thousands spent
we watch the smoke clouds slip away

Cars queue up
while little ones
nod their heads and snuggle
wrapped in loving arms

Next day, sun arising,
Saturday comes again!
We can do
all those things
waiting for ‘an extra day’
It’s Yours! It’s Mine!
Get some extra winks?
Read that book?
Take a nap? Get the fix it list

Enjoy your day!
It is a gift
(like all the others, really)
Hum the tune
you love to sing –

“This is the day,
this is the day
That the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it!”

Selah, Lin 07/08