Oh yes, our bodies ‘talk’ to us
in ways we understand
Sometimes adrenalin just plain soars
and we thrill to go for the ride
but other times we glide
more slowly
til we want a place to hide
and sleep

No telephone a ringin
no one knocking at the door
Just some time to slip away
lights out
maybe even snore!

Then there’s times
when work is done
the clothes in the washing machine
the hot shower soothing oh so good
and we settle in somewhere

Something favorite to drink beside
perhaps a book to read
We might even ‘Ahhhhhhhh’, and ‘ahhhhh’ again
as the good tired comes

Life has rhythms
to be sure
of soaring and of gliding
of rising up, and settling down
each one precious to enfold

For it is in the rest
our bodies rise, refreshed
and feeling oh so fine
Something in creation
surges in those cycles
and we are once again
left to ponder
the mysteries of creation.

Lin 08/08