Life brings precious gifts
for which there are no price tags
One of them is, surely,
‘clicking’, with another person

Happened to me last week,
far from the farm and home
On the shore of Puget Sound
I sat down next to a fellow

He was well groomed and poised
Might say,
“Comfortable in his own skin”
Conversation began
in a casual way
and then just sort of ‘took off.
We bonded.
Ideas flowed and clicked
about the world around us
Two men, one black, one white,
but inside, becoming brothers

Christianity’s like that
giving links
the core in loving Jesus
Histories can be different
but the today
the going forward
can make a bond that holds

How do we assess
How do we address
the slings and arrows of today
and plan our today, tomorrow lives?
I submit
Begin with Jesus

Study him
Meditate on him
Ponder long and hard
Focus on his words, his actions
Take another step
digging deeper
in mankind’s history, and the Jews
It will come together
but not completely, nor perfectly
Indeed we are on earth
and it’s not heaven
So the story’s not all written

It is for us, for you, for me,
to do our part
as best we can
Love God
and fellow man


Lin, post Seattle, Rev. Wayne Perryman, 08/09