Alone but not really,
my room flies along
Sixty miles an hour
floating along the road

Sun shining
breezes blowing
view of fields and byways passing
My journey takes me northward

Minnesota in my radio
music mends my spirits
Bach, Mendelsonn, more
fill my car with sound

I’m prone to sing along
operatic melodies flowing
sometimes I help direct
in a stumbling humbling way

Then the piece is over
silence fills the room
a voice is saying something
commenting on the music
on the master
on the times and places

Lynne Warfel’s in the room
her voice assured, knowing
so very much ’bout music
and it’s good

Names like Rachmaninoff,
oh so many names
from ages past
their music stands the test of time
their scores are still the living
breathing music
that carries us, sends us
closer to… something

What was it inside them,
these masters and creating
that put the melodies,
the counter music
molded it together
caused instruments to be created
and bringing it all together,
creating voice and instrument
creating mind and memory
creating wind and string and sound
creating spirit and ear
laying it out note by note
compounding it, soaring on
across the years, the ages
to me?

A thing called love?
A thing called anger? Passion?
Yes, light and dark
Exalting and depressing
all found in the music

And all in the room with Lynne

Selah, Lin 3/10
Lynne Warfel