If I were, I think
I’d contain the dancing
longer, on the little hardwood floor

Representative Bachmann whirled and swirled
attracting lots of moths
Pretty woman, not shy to speak
she captured hearts for a moment

Then came Perry
from Texas, be wary
who rose like a shining star
then flamed, and became
another also ran

Come on Cain!
Cause ’em pain!
Hit ’em where it hurts!
Politicians, beltway blindness
business is the answer (mostly)
to whatever ails us…

Now he’s, uh, limping
under attack
women, take a number
but wear your tennies
you too will need to run…away

Who can be next
with their neck in a noose?
I think Bobby’s a pretty good bet!
Jindal’s doin’ good!
Pop him up, to take the heat
overcome poor ole Norman the doorman
wrong book!
poor ole Mormon, Romney
(I think I can; I think I can)
chugging along, hangin’ in there
waiting his turn for the guillotine

Your guesses welcome!

Lin 11/11