Did you see it?

The word ‘again’?
It’s two words, really:
and gain!

Rain is a gain!
The fields are soaking
drinking it in
Not much in ponds
not much in ditches
The soil is ‘talking’
saying ‘It’s okay”.

Are you not busy?
Nothing to do?
Ah, refocus is the word
The world is talking
but you were too busy
to hurried
to hear, to listen

What is being said?
What was being missed?
Two steps back, if you please.
Look a little deeper
Put your feet up
think of the people
and how you can help

Faces soon appear
on the screen of the needy
Boys with no father
needing some help
Young folks in missions
needing some wisdom
Friends facing challenges
with health or with jobs
Spouses and children
needing some time

The rain draws a line
in the mud, not the sand
and gives us a chance
to re-order our lives.

Reminders come at us
that life is short, precious
limited here, unlimited there
Once again we hear
“Invest yourself in people
‘and in things eternal.”

Selah, LIn 10/09