“All is calm,
all is bright
Round yon virgin mother and child…”*

There comes a moment, Christmas eve,
late at night in our house,
when the little ones sleep
and the packages are set
as well as the plans

The rounds have been made
to gather the gifts
the food is all waiting
to come to the table
and the mother sits

What a swirl of busy-ness
attends the Christmas season!
Practices and pageants
special services at schools and churches
vacations from schools and days off at work
Circling, swirling to this moment
when the mother ponders….

Once a year comes this time
when stores close
cold and silence settle in
The Christmas lights are prolific
shining in the dark night
lawn displays, Christmas trees
the star of David high on buildings

Wise men pondered
(and still do)
the event that marks our calendars
and our lives
‘O holy night’…

Two seasons lift music
to the highest realms
Christmas, and Easter
voices and orchestras soar
with the greatest offerings known

So, tonight, we pause
the attraction and bonding
brought by a baby
God’s gift to us

‘Sleep in heavenly peace,
sleep in heavenly peace.’*

Christmas Eve 2011
“Silent Night, Holy Night” (Stille Nacht), Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber