A gentle afternoon, I’d say:
gentle breezes, nudging the trees
branches like huge feathered fans nodding
Oh so mild temperature, just right
humanly speaking
Even the sun seems at ease
sharing the afternoon with us
A screened porch, shade
just right softness chairs
made to rock a bit
even a ceiling fan
waving and nodding down
Wrens and finches
robins too
back and forth from feeders to nests
All together now:
Long green lines of soybeans or corn
marking the rich dark soil
Soon the lushness will close and cover
hiding the soil til fall
The prairie is quietly exploding
with flowers and beauty
Like the beginning of a great musical piece
this movement hides the power coming
the crescendo builds towards harvest
Yes, nature is singing
the orchestra is tuned
for just some moments
we can sit and breathe
Lin 6/2013