No, I’m not slipping away!
I just do my best to tune in…
to ‘think like corn’ along the way.
So there’s a ‘pop’ in early summer
when corn pops its spike up through earth
to greet the sun and me.
One day the field is just rich and black
and next day a million spikes are there
having popped up to greet the sun and me
Next there’s a scramble
as it grows as fast as can be
the race is on to canopy
cover the earth with green
capture all the sunlight possible
Ah, corn talk happens!
Chest high and higher
with maximum growth conditions
between the joints on the stalks
some summer evenings it happens:
A soft popping noise!
A million plants are growing,
and at the nodes the leaves unfurl
growing so fast there is a noise!
Add to that to soft rustle of leaves waving
summer breezed blowing
almost like a green ocean surf
one can see the wind waves
So soon the plant is finished
and the green turns to tan
Sun tanned?
The tone changes
and brittle leaves speak
Harvest!  Harvest!
In an instant it’s over
as the harvester roars along
grabbing the stalks and jerking down
32 feet per second
one fourth of a second
and the stalk is on the ground
and the ears are in the combine
The sound of corn pouring
from the combine to a truck
from the truck into a grate
and the harvest goes to processors
The Creator through the earth, creation,
has blessed us
with food, fiber, fuel
that we may live
Lin, at corn popping stage, 7/2013