A pinhole or a crack
is all the howling wind needs
to send snowflakes sailing in
Hour after hour
Snow swirls and drifts
sculptured piles arise
packed hard and firm
challenging man and beast
In grandma’s day the drifts
topped fences
so the cattle walked over them
as did she and her siblings
The one room schoolhouse
with the wood stove in center
was open all winter
Summer was for field work
Hard to image her folks
first winter on the prairie
living in a lean to…til spring.
Great grandpa took a sled
four miles southwest
sawmill on the river
brought boards back to the farm
to build a house the next summer
We’ve been building ever since
and the wind still blows
and the snow comes
Still, we have howling winter
and we hunker down
But we are warm…
Thank you Lord…
January, 2014, Lin