Nature has so many built in things
that can divide, separate us
Where we happen to be born
The parents, and all their learned differences
The circumstances, so varied yet important
Our feet get put on Life’s Highway
and we travel on
Left to see…or not
Hear…or not…
Touch…or not.
So we cling to our ‘own kind’
and the comfort of sameness
living in the valleys
between the towering mountains
How to melt the mountains?
How to level them out
so that we can be
what we are meant to be
Find a link, then another
that reaches across
above and beyond
and hold on
adding link after link after link
A rope of many fibers
cannot be broken
Caring is lifted up, held forth
but, I offer to you,
caring needs to be built on something
and that’s where education comes to help us
stretching us more and more and more
in ways we thought ‘Impossible!”
So we have Grey’s Anatomy,
a huge thick book
of all the parts
that work, and we live
for a moment
Graduations are toppings on our cakes
Yes, the cake’s been in the oven baking!
Ingredients pouring in, mixing, then into the oven
the time elapses, a buzzer sounds
and we pop open the door
heat pours out!
We set the cake out to cool
(how many of you are taking a break?)
Now comes the icing
What will you do?
Where will you do it?
With whom?
You have been prepared
and the doors are open
Go forth
and do your part
to bring down the mountains between us
Risk, reflect, and invest in people and things eternal!
Lin Warfel, May 2014
Frank Walker’s Graduation