What a week!
A yelling, cheering crowd
lining the streets
a man on a colt passing by
Something went wrong
or was it right?
When crowds became vicious
begging for cruelty
evil pour out
A mock trial
a flogging
another procession
then the sky darkened
the earth shook
a heavy felt curtain suddenly ripped
The world on hold
It was Friday
but Sunday was coming
The sun came up
and people went about their business
Sabbath days were quiet ones
Was the world holding its breath?
History had been opened
and sense made of so many things
Explained, in parables
Understanding stretched so beautifully
extended to coming generations
History had been made
the rebellion
the rebel
Some were weeping
some in hiding, fearfull
some were happy at last
and some were simply relieved
Who knew?
The whole world
had been put on hold….
Lin 3/2013