Kinging the rain
but just for a moment passing
the night air lays heavily
on morning breaking

Don’t we know
the son is ‘out there’
Power on high coming
burning through the fog,
the flotsum jetsum of earth
of humans coming, going
so quickly

We make our moves
scurrying here…, and there…
needing to stop
to listen
to soak it all in

the fog blanket covers
it is pushed away

Not by our might
not by our power
but that of a Creator
who is above all things
and in all things

As sleep slips away
and our minds begin to click
our vision is wont to clear
and we can greet the morning

“Great is thy faithfulness
morning by morning
new mercies I see
All I have needed
thy hands have provided
Great is thy faithfulness
Lord unto me.”*

Lin 08/09

*Chisholm, Runyan, 1923, Great is Thy Faithfulness