They are blue
my lover’s eyes
and known to melt me, meld me
in numerous ways:

Her mind is keen
perception fine
in measuring situations
knowing people
in intuitive ways
she often knows them better
than straight line me
who tends to be
the last to sense some subtleties

Her judgment solid
time and again
she is the rock so firm
in sticking to
what she knows as ‘right’
matching knowledge with action

She knows me
knows each child
and spouse and grandchild too
carries burdens
for all of us
in wishing us the best

From only child
to mother of five
and grandmother now to six
her love surrounds
encourages on
each and all of us.

Some forty years and more
she’s held my hand (and me)
advising, helping, sharing, loving
how blessed can one man be?
Indeed I know,
God loves me so,
because, just look,
He gave her to me…

Kay, Kayper, Constance Lin, 08/05