Across the midwest prairies
the summer rains come and go
A lightning show
with rolling thunder
clouds piled higher than mountains
and winds that gust
all bow down to rain

When plants and people
begin to notice
supply is running low
they pause, look up,
are reminded
how small our efforts are
The lightning, thunder,
clouds and wind
are out of our control
So too, is rain
whether more or less
we can ask
that’s all

Interesting that,
the Good Book says,
God caused a mist to rise up
then created rain
followed by plants and…man

In the communion therein
we live today
rain, and plants, and man
to watch, and grow, and be

Oh, study, yes we do,
and often do discover
hidden layers of creation
only to find
another layer
and another

I do agree
with Preacher Nygren
wherever we focus
study deeper and deeper
it leads us back to God

Let us be tender
with plants and people
let us be tender towards rain
and let us be tender
towards the God
who sends it
and again

The thunder rolls
across the prairie
The sky is darkened blue and gray

Rain begins to fall
dancing on the sidewalk
playing a tune on the metal shop roof
It soaks the rich black soil
bringing to a sheen and shine
the gift of earth and life.

Water draws us all together
in many different ways
each human has to have it
indeed it’s part of our conception
and pre-birth in the womb
And we need it, use, daily all our lives.

When raindrops fall
to cover all
We need some recognition
I urge you pause
and celebrate
the gift of earth and life….

Romans: 1:20

*Lin 04/06