September found us
hot and dry
thirsty people
thirst crops
thirsty lawns, flora and fauna
Drought, they called it
and there we were
United there
town and gown
and country folk
farmers and sidewalk pounders alike

And then the rains came
soft and gentle
soothing all
the crops and people
great full thank full
once again
the grass was green
the crops did what they could
their season was ending
for some was over
but on that final edge
the crops drank in
did what they could
to yield their fruits for us

Farmers have
a lot of habits
maybe in our genes
but in our culture
One habit being
in three dimensions:
remember back
bout previous years
study what’s at hand
and plan for next year
always three
Tuned in to nature
God’s creation
the picture always in motion

So, we harvest with mud
meet the challenge
happy to think ‘next year’
This rain is part
of next year’s plan
which started in past summer

The rain came late,
but early too
Now winter’s cold is coming
and we must run
to do our best
harvest what we have
Squeeze it for good prices
Soon to settle in
beside our hearth
and swap our cherished surmises!

Lin 09/08