In early morning darkness
there’s soft, pattering rain
striking cold glass windows
winter, calling again

Winds whisper gently
“You need this”.
Soils will soak it in
hold it
for summer’s plants
to gain
and surge
to harvests plenty

Gray light yields
more gray and black
leafless trees
etched in ink
road lines all laid out
shining strips across the fields
light poles straight and tall
stern, it is
this gray and black
But all of us are knowing
we’re but a tiny way
from blazing white profusion

So for this morning, Saturday,
we’ll snooze a little longer
Waiting for
a quiet time
when rain has called a halt
then we’ll feed the cats
and claim the day
in luxury perusing
papers, books, and antique malls
a movie if we’re choosing

The gray today
is nature’s way
of layering a painting
Tis only priming
don’t you see
not finished landscape coming

Lin 11/04