It’s November
yet the grass
is springtime lush
fresh mowed lawns
look e’er so new
and yet I know
around the corner
a cold wind comes our way
so saw the firewood
keep it dry
for the day that’s coming

We see so dimly
take a seed
that looks so plain and lifeless
a handful, a sackful, not impressive
just lying there so lifeless
like the soil
our present eyes
see not beneath
the covers
there’s life therein, you see
waiting for us to discover
whether towering oak
or fields of corn
the seeds are tied together
deep inside
the genes have codes
that fit together neatly
bring together
and life bursts forth

Another day
long ago
the wisest man instructed
“Be born again”
a silly thing to utter
Yet He knew
the codes yet secret
the mysteries deep inside
a seed…
…and me
waiting to be discovered

Grass and seeds and me
all bound together somehow
we’re digging deeper, higher, wider
all a seeming struggle
the picture still a window
shadowed, but growing brighter
Some day, the Good Book says
we’ll suddenly see clearly
this I understand

November 04 Lin