Andy Williams crooning
about the season ‘wonderfull’
Bach and Brahms and Mendelsohn
King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
Forever, forever, forever

Silent Night, Holy Night…
So many artists
putting their arms around what happened
stretching, stretching, stretching
to reach a tiny baby
put it in perspective….

So here we are
two thousand years passing
putting our arms around what happened
and wondering

Ah, a song about that too!

I go for the wonder!
The awesome human attempts
to re-create the wonder, the majesty
that came to us
to each one who looks up
to each one with room at their ‘in’
to stretch, to reach
and put our arms around Him

We know we’re too small
much too small
Like our grand daughter
who tries to put her little arms around me
laughing and loving
full of life, she tries,
but relies on me
to swoop her up
and put my arms around her

Then she can put her arms
around my neck and squeeze
holding tight
“I love you grandpa!”

So we come to God, this season
knowing we’re too small
And God knowing
sent the baby
we can put our arms around
and begin
to know a bit of God….

Merry Christmas, Lin 09