It’s that time of year, of course,
when farmers gather, ponder
Ever notice a row of signs
along a field of corn?

Company names
in bright catching colors
with numbers and letters all different
A closer look
shows some differences
in height or breadth or color

They’re different hybrids
the result of skills
applied to ‘make it better’
The latest offerings
on display
for farmer’s choice, selection

Just last eve
I attended a session
where company offerings were touted
Their very best
all growing nicely
preached about to us
Me, and my fellow farmers

The study done,
we marched to a tent
where good food was awaiting
A smiling crew
all prepared
to fee the hungry fellows.

And then it happened
a moment so choice
poignant to be certain
“Let’s have a blessing”
said our host
and the caps came off
just like that.

No one said
take off your hats
No one said
bow your heads

The hats came off
the heads went down
work seasoned hands were folded
Boys and young lads
dads and grandpas
as one joined in the quiet
A simple prayer was offered.

I love those people
I’m one of them
Oh yes, we have some questions,
but we know whom
we have believed
and who is able
to keep that
which we’ve committed
against that day.

We know
His eye is on the sparrow
we know
He watches us

We walk in His shadows
we walk in His light
Day after day
throughout our lives
we live in deep communion
We are small
and we know it
He transcends
and He shows it

Yes, our hats come off
for those moments
and then come back on
There’s work to do
and we’ll do it

Enjoy your food
the best the world has known
It’s waiting there for you
Savor the Father
and the Son
the best the world has known
they’re waiting, patiently,
for you….

Lin 08/09