I just lost again
but it wasn’t really personal
Not like some ones I love
some ones I respect

In all of history
one loser was the most
Mankind did their best
to put him lower than low
Spit? Beat? Humiliate?
Hang naked on a cross on a hill
for all to see him die?

In all of history
he broke the chains
to conquer death
and make a way to heaven
for you
for me
How’s that?

A sister did her best
put herself on the dotted line
and worked and worked to win a post
only to lose
A hard, hard thing.

A short time passing,
she has thanked the Lord
for changing how she’s lived
The winner waded in
and found a swamp so smelly
he’s challenged every day
to keep above the smell
While she invests in little people
grandchildren growing quickly
to spend her retirement grace fully

Now comes a friend
who did his best
if he were a bear he’d be a grizzly!
For over a year
he walked the county
meeting people
making friends
then putting up signs
giving his all
His family pitching in
and walking in parades
speaking warmly of who he is
a man of many talents

And he lost.
Another fellow, got the vote
somehow was considered better
A puzzling thing
to understand
The why of this defeat

Life can be
about the changes
that are hardest to understand
Sometimes it’s because
this is earth
not heaven, we need to know
imperfection is the rule

What may be best
doesn’t happen
It makes a contrast easy
We get a glimpse
of what might have been
what makes far greater sense
But it’s our task
to move on through
to do our best today
This day
It is the day
the Lord has given
and we will rejoice
and be glad in it!

Surrounded by
so many blessings
we scarce can begin to count them
Health, family, those who love us
care for us
lift us up, when the world pushes down

I do believe
we’re more than conquerors
through the love of Jesus Christ
Who knew
really knew
that we are sinners
yet gave his life for us

We respond
by lifting high his banner
by lifting up our heads
to carry on,
and on,
and on
as long as we have life

Lin, post-election, 08