The Accountant and the Romantic
are nestled into one
the one I happily call my wife!
Ah, yes, she is an enigma
who chases hard a penny
to make her numbers perfect
and yes, she loves love stories
roses on a trellis, a swinging garden gate
a man and woman deeply in love
finding each other in some night

At first I thought it odd
that an accountant could be so tender
but then I met her dad
got to know him deeply
from trips together near and far
(three weeks in the Antarctic far!)
As we plumbed each other
I found the tender heart
expressed in care for students
long outside the classroom
A love for his mom
that was gripping
a love for his wife
a love for his daughter
indeed, a tender man
and indeed, an impeccable accountant

I note the common thinking
of putting folks in boxes
neatly defined, contained
in ways we understand them
But if you can I wish you
would step upon the cardboard walls
to know the world outside
as perhaps God can see us
in His image
God created
put his stamp upon us
set us here for moments
created a forever
where we can dwell with Him

To Kay, 45 years and counting
Love, Lin