In the sporting world
there is a spot
a very special spot
it may be a pitch thrown just right
a home run hit, just right on the bat
a golf ball drive
where the ball and the club
connected just right
the ‘sweet spot’

It could be life
the meeting of love…for a lifetime
of a Savior, lifetime and more
or special times less
but still ‘sweet spots’

For me
The Chi O hallway
the door opened
and Kay walked in
to stay…for a lifetime
A small church
a stairway
prayer with Sobol
connection with all things

Children born
count them
one two three four five
each so special
oh so fine

In 89
“Farm Leader of the Year”
by my peers
farm leaders all
lifting me
toasting me

In ’06
“Trustee of the Year”

39 colleges
fellow trustees
leaders all
lifting me
toasting me

Each early morning
I pat the one beside me
choose to start the day
acknowledging her great value
her status and her rank
it is then I can look the day full faced
can pray in peace
can study deeply
reflect and offer thanks

I imagine God unlocking
doors to us held secret
until we’re ready,
God, the I Am,
always has been
is now
and forever will be
Yet God moves constantly
by the Spirit
Our challenge is to see
what has been prepared
for me
for thee

Lin 06/06