An office sits quietly
the desk chair empty
for 74 years
the door would close
and confidential matters passed
between client and counselor

Documents streamed from typewriters
and then from word processors
putting down in black and white
lives coming, passing
deeds and contracts and taxes
forms filled out and witnessed
to wit

Ah, it was good
to be a part
to share with a gentleman
and be encouraged
man to man affection, respect
passed along with the papers

Of all the things he did
land seemed a special attraction
In many senses he was a farmer
of the law
and, too, all the things
that come together
to have a crop, and sell it

Now we have the quiet after
reflecting on his life
of near a century
In peace he passed
as in life
he worked out peace
for us

Bud Hatch, 7/2011