Time was, sometime ago,
when my vision had a problem
Mom, of course, knew the fix
I got my first pair of glasses!
I learned what I had been missing

Time was, sometime ago,
when my vision had another problem
a retinologist laid me down
a nurse held me down
and a lazer fixed my eye
from a blood red thick curtain seen
the world came back to sight
I knew what I was missing

Time was, sometime ago,
age caught up with my eyes
I just couldn’t see precisely
doing my work got harder
my quality slipped a bit
but a doctor laid me down
put me into la la land
and I awoke to better vision
cataracts can cloud ever more
but now I’m fixed again

Time was, and is, it marches on
and bodies do wear out
Just this week
a nice young lady and her machine
checked my hearing and frowned
“Mr. Warfel”, she said to me
“I think you need to consider…
some help with hearing.”
I had been told
by those who love me
I was missing things they said
I knew I had a problem.

So off I went, again,
to get some hearing aids
That nice young lady, and I
talked it over
and I chose a particular pair
Whew! They’re expensive!
Like everything else,
the better ones cost more…
But I chose, and she programmed
(everything’s computer nowadays)
then I plugged them in.

Once again
I learned what I’d been missing.
A lot of sounds
the creaking of the stairs is louder
my own voice is amplified
many things sound different
I learned what I’d been missing…

Another step
up the age stairs
and once again I’m happy
for skilled people and their machines
that make my life the better
And I’m full of thanks
for so many things
beginning with the Creator
and the One who is with us
all the time
every step of the stairs

Selah! I saw that! I heard that!

Lin 3/2011