Passion and peace
can so melt together
a little glimpse of heaven can be had

When the created come together
as the creator did purpose
with His blessing
and the blessing of the family
the blessing of community
the blessing of the church
and the blessing of society
youthful passion can certainly soar

The mysteries of creation
‘Male and female He created them.
In His own image He created them.
And it was good.’
in discovery, giving to each other
create moments of passion blessed

From those unions
a child is given
and love that knew no bounds
grows, stretches, grows again with the child

the child is grown
and meets another
and the magic, the mystery
brings a grandchild

The child brings moments
a little head relaxing
melting into our neck
secure, at peace
and perfect rest
The grandchild does the same
and we remember

Decades pass
the two more and more
Paul and Jessie
Dick and Ruth
Al and Margaret
Lin and Kay
and a new peace is born

She can take his hand
or rest her head in his shoulder
as can he
they can be at peace together
Fifty golden years together
two becoming one
and ‘God saw all He had made
and it was very good….’*

Lin 3/11
*Genesis 1:31