Shiny pack of shovels
ceremonial ones, I’m certain
await the portent people
also standing around
A lot has gone before
but now the hour arrives
news cameras
reporters with pen and pad
a loyal interested crowd
line up with shiny shovels
at the ready

A signal word is spoken
the shovels bite the ground
little bits of earth and rock are moved
construction has begun
a cheer rings out
Teams of men and women
will parade and work the ground
other teams will pour and nail
bolt and weld and build it up
Still more will paint and polish
until a year from now
the shovel ready crew returns

Standing before a completed building
the folks will say some words
and a ribbon will be cut
teachers will man the helm
students will file into class
learning will take place
hands will be on tools of trades
skills will grow, and graduations happen
faces after faces will come
study and do
and go

Mankind marches on
coming, learning, finally working
serving and making things better
Half a million feet have trod
the Parkland campus now
More coming, more learning, more working
they are the faces that help you
at the doctor, dentist, shop
fixing you and your possessions
the oil of society

Shovel ready!
People doing!
Celebrate the folk
who anchor Parkland College
investing themselves in people

*EST Ground Breaking, March 2011