Good news and bad!
Another decade brings a date…
My favorite Ed
and my good ole Doc
lay it out quite plain:
Do this! It’s important!

So, I make the appointment
and set my mind
to go through it once again.
Age 50?
Age 60?Age 70?
Some guy gets to see my insides
Colonoscopy, they call it.
Oh boy!

A hospital trip
kill a day
just do it all…their way
They’ll put you in dreamland
if you wish
or you can watch the monitor
if you’re brave and a little nutty

how our insides look!
So complex, our ‘machinery’
Digestion and elimination processes
are combinations, out of sight,
but critical to if and how we live
One of my friends
a learned professor
lecturing to his grad students one day
proclaimed, in an un PC way:
“You should thank God for your liver!”
Well, we should!

Confronted with foods
the liver responds
creating chemicals to break it down
make it useful, to our bodies
But, really, from our mouth
to the southern end
the chemicals, the processes,
are really fascinating!

So it’s good news and bad
good news I’m older, by a decade,
bad news is the test
good news if there’s a problem
it can likely be fixed
and I can enjoy another decade!

Okay! Bring on the Miralax….