Dreams come in flowers
of differing shapes and sizes
colors and textures,
to become paintings and murals
that speak to us all

Room settings at Jan’s
found out of doors
speak imaginations
worked into being

While God created flowers
Jan puts them together
in most pleasing ways
to ‘talk’ to us with pleasure
to color our days

She challenges limits
and pushes still farther
to sculpt from the prairie
a garden so grand
it’s tops in the land!

Here’s hoping she’ll rest
now Garden Walk’s done
savor and study
the favor she’s won!

The dreams became real
and now move about
in memories and photos
of the thousand who came
who saw
who exclaimed:
“Wow!” “Beautiful”
over and over again

May the gentle rains
give you ease from your watering
May the summer sun
ease up to moderate
and may you enjoy for a long time
your day in your garden
Garden Walk, 2005

Best to you, Lin 06/05