A family gathers round
a bed with crisp white sheets
the patient lies quietly, eyes closed
simply breathing

Someone holds her hand
warmth passes between them

The hand that has touched
since our life began
now squeezes ours
“I’m here”, the message sings

Our hand caresses her brow
smooths the gray hairs back
the moments pass so quickly
yet, time seems to slow to a stop

“Mom”, we say again and again.
“I love you, mom.”
Is all we can say.
Our hearts get stuck
high in our throats.

A nurse comes in
to offer help
whatever can be done
to aid in comfort
for mom and us
“Blessed art those”
comes to mind,
for those who try to help.

How did all the years
go past with blurring speed?
We’d like a few more good ones
We’d like to spend more time
just being together
But life is slipping slowly
away as we can see
We know
mom is passing
nothing can be done

So we hold her hand
and stroke her brow
and speak of special times
hoping, praying
she can hear
and somehow
our voice will help
as she slips to heaven’s door

Selah, Lin 1/08