I have caught a flavor
of some of creation
I’ve found it in people
who I know

Some are close
for many years
my learning grows from them
I’ve watched them
can you see
in many different places

I’ve seen them laugh
I’ve seen them cry
I’ve seen them study hard
I’ve seen them ponder
and sometimes not know
sometimes ‘click’ out loud

Some are moments
along the way
Serendipity, you might say
I’d like to give a taste of both

My farming family
Hank and Ad
Ida and Alfred and more
Don and Dorothy
Jake and Lilly
Lou and Arlie for a few
Then there’s mentors
folks I’d copy
like Stan and Marie
Bob and Dee
Dale and Virginia too
Kenny and Lorna Mae

Fold in church
loving folks
like Ralph and Georgia
Paul and Jessie
Bill and Virginia
Dick and Ruth
Carl and June
Herschal and Wilma
Ken and Taschia
Jim and Lydia
Gary and Carolyn
Dick and Marge
Al and Margaret
and so many many more

Salting the earth
with their values
flavoring, oh so richly
the meaning of life and living

In it all
above it all
I can sense a Hand is moving
something I can only glimpse
I can see it
then I can’t
I can smell it
then it’s gone
I feel it oh so strong
and then
where is it?

My thinking grows
with reading, watching, listening
with loving spouse
I sense it coming together
and yet it’s ‘out there’
I can’t quite capture

‘It is through a glass dimly’
even though I’m gaining

Meanwhile I’ll savor
the salt of the earth
In them, I will pleasure

And I will sing:
“God is moving
by his Spirit
moving through all the earth
Signs and wonders
when God moveth
Move of God, in me”*


“All over the world
God’s Spirit is moving
All over the world
as the prophets said it would be
All over the world
there’s a mighty revelation
of the Glory of the world
as the waters cover the sea.”*

Lin 02/09
*authors unknown