It’s minus 12
at the moment
Sun is shining brightly
A squirrel just ran up a tree
oblivious to the temp
He’s making his rounds
just as usual
checking his area out
Summer’s harvest
is tucked away
awaiting his preplanned visit

It’s minus 12
and I’m inside
but the house is pretty chilly
66, the dining room
70, my office temp
80 degrees of difference

From 150 feet
below our house
water flows around
warming our house in winter
cooling our house in summer!
round and round it goes

My grandma told me
of ‘way back when’
the winter of ’82
Her parents sheltered
on this land
staked out as their own
A lean to home
a constant fire
a lot of clothes
and cold
Still they made it
built a house
lived through many winters

they did
from early morning until dark
Every day except the Sabbath
Grew the crops and harvested
fed the grain to cattle

Hogs and sheep and chickens too
Horses pulled their weight
Light was kerosene lanterns
Heat was a big iron stove
Fire the friend
that kept them warm
cooked their food
kept them all from freezing

Life went on
at minus 12
but not the same today
I start the car
warm it up
turn the heater on
drive away in comfort
My office fare
is through the net
high speed signals fly
I drop a note
to you, my friends,
to let you know we’re warm

those who came before us
to blaze a trail
and leave us better
May we do the same!

Best, Lin January 15, 2009, Minus 12F