So like the Creator
to color so richly!
Splash the palette!
Throw it at the earth!
Look at what’s happened!

Grass as fresh as springtime
green and growing and loving the cool, the wet
Tree trunks blackened with rain
India inked and clinging leaves
But some, get this, some
with colors defying
Gold and yellow and red and mixes
shocking our senses so quickly

Where did the colors come from?
They were there…
all the time….

Not all creatures
see all colors
but we do, we can
See, and ponder
the changing seasons
Nature nurturing, confirming
the complexity of creation

So we walk upon a leaf carpeted path
breathing deeply the refreshing cool air
Watch a leaf, floating down
Zig zagging, slowly, surely
to a resting place
Soil receiving, welcoming ‘home’
Like us, born of the earth
and returning there

But not like us!
Their colors fade
but ours grow brighter
as heaven’s doors open
and we go home

Lin 10/09