Picture a handful of men
heads together
listening intently
sifting and sorting
bringing to bear
life experience, commitment

Commitment to the Lord
Savior, Immanuel
commitment to serve
together, they pondered
they prayed

People with problems
hurting, needing help
mundane things like money
making things work
important things like structures
whose in charge,
what’s the plan
Should we build it

Men in the trenches
not by demand
but drawn by love
stepping out
spending time
doing the work of leading

Men under fire
often a hidden sort
subtle, but there
a ‘prowling to and fro’ enemy
Ugly war
A fight for men’s souls

So the men gathered
talked and prayed, decided
to keep reaching out
keep reaching up
loving each other and those
in need

Even learned a meaning:
Love is
an accurate estimate
and an adequate supply
of another person’s need….

So they did it
for their time
and time, indeed, marches on
No two hundred year old saints
the wise doctor said
so we too are passing

Ralph, Gilbert, now Dave
Good men
great men
headed towards heaven
now arrived
leaving their marks on us

Selah, Lin 12/09 Elders at Large
Ralph Norton
Gilbert Hollis
David Baker