The Japanese Maple
long a favorite
nestles just outside my door
The frosty nights
and sunny days
have spurred the richest color

Not just any
but one that cries out “Life!”

Once a medic
half century a farmer
I’ve seen the color before
On others, injured,
on me, minor cuts
The brightest red flows out

Life! The maple shouts!
I have it but it’s slipping
Springtime birthings
summer soothings
and now fall, crisp and power full

A line’s been drawn
rescission cells
a line that halts the flow of life
now this
a special red

To you, to me
two gifts are given
one a birth of water
the next one a birth of spirit
One to wash away
the other to lift us higher

One a springtime, summer, fall
the other eternal
that’s all

One the choice of others
the other solely ours to choose

Precious the flow
so long ago
Precious the blood, of Jesus

Precious he hung
upon Calvary’s tree
Precious, he died there
for you
for me
Precious the flow
so long ago
Precious the blood
of Jesus….

Lin, Fall, 09