A lot of folks
put on their glasses
wear them most every waking minute
Some choose dark ones
against the sun
some choose tints
for style, I suppose
I dunno

By far the best
in my book at least
are the ‘rose colored glasses’
that friends use on each other
photo shop, is nothing new!
It’s been used on me
on you
for many years

No blemishes there
no loss of hair, or muss
no shapes that mar
or take away
from love in action
“I see you”
said a chief to a general
way out west one day
The men knew each other’s souls
and respected each other down deep

A mother strokes her child
a father swoops them up
and holds them strong
‘family colored glasses’
are wondrous things

What are we seeing
and how do we see folks?
Ah, a major choice of focus
My wish for you, and you, and you
is for ‘love colored glasses’
touching souls
in beauty

Lin 7/10
Penned for a teacher, who has ‘love colored glasses’