The rain on the plain
can flood the fields
and cause some plants to drown
Nothing to do but watch it happen
and wait
and wait

The warmth of the sun
and breezes blowing
soak up the lakes in time
But the plants are dead
and the bare spot beckons
rich soil, waiting

At just the right moment
no longer muck or mud
I’m back with the planter
and loaded with seeds
snuggling a fresh batch in

Moisture, warmth, and mothering soil
are electric to the seeds
They swell and pop a shoot right out
and grow like there’s no tomorrow
Hurry! Grow like crazy!
The race has just begun
to beat some frost
that will surely come
to keep the harvest small

Lake beds yield
but not the same
the weight of water squeezes
Compacts the soil
limits moisture movement
limits space between soil particles

Dynamic, the farm is movement
The farmer, the machinery,
the many things that come together
that cause one seed to multiply
returning hundreds ere winter comes

Each step has its mysteries
as to why things happen so
Deeper, ever deeper,
we study and learn
Finding design, designees been there

The map’s in the soil
in the seeds, genetics
in the chemistry, the weather
in you, and me

A joy to learn a part
and happiness to play it well
in our time
For, you see,
He makes all things beautiful
in His time

Selah, Lin