Now, folks in Seattle
know their rain!
It falls, ever so gently
and so often.
It creates lush flora and fauna
and cleans the air
crystal clear scenes are precious.

The prairie folks
in the flyover zone
have a different rain
Horizontal, they call it
Let me explain

Just yesterday I labored
inside a brand new shed
Fifty feet wide, seventy feet long
with giant doors for giant machines
Thunder boomed, lightning cracked
closer and closer it came
A wall of rain was visible
across the fields ’twas coming
Ting! Ting! big raindrops hit the metal roof
The east door open, I worked in the west end.

The wind picked up, as did the rain
which now was pounding like a snare drummer
Ten feet, twenty feet, the rain came in
and then I was getting wet!
Sixty feet from the door, and I was wet!
That’s horizontal rain!

I might add, it felt real good!
Hot as I was, and sweaty
The cool rain drops refreshed me
Outside, the dry soil was gulping down
The corn leaves frantically waved and thrashed
happy to take a shower
Strong, the plants,
bending in the wind, but resiliant too
they stood the test, endured

More cracking lightning
more booming thunder
wave after wave of intense rain
then it was softer
and then just sprinkles
thunder, lightning distant

The sun came out to greet us
Me, the corn and beans,
all happy with our drink and shower
ready to keep on working

Oh, creation is wonder filled
wonder full
I am so small in many ways
Power just passed
power remains
My time is short, and I must hurry!

Selah, Lin 8/10