The media seldom notice
but amongst the men of power, renown,
there comes along, now and then,
some fellows, men of distinction

Casper Weinberger comes to mind.
A man of chosen words
moving daily on the world stage
comportment solid, reassuring

I met a local man last night
who had a common thing with Casper
He retired to care for his wife
Stepped away from career,
to care
To live in service for the one he loved
who, in serious illness, needed help

It would be good to have a category
for men and women who do that
who live in service to the one they love
when that person faces decline and death

Now, seven decades aged,
I see that more and more
It happens, but often not noticed,
those of distinction just do it
They rise to the occasion
as if on angel wings

How can we help them
through this time?
By holding up their arms
when they are weary
by giving hugs of encouragement
by caring with them
as they serve in care….

Lin 12/10
“And He will raise you up, on eagle’s wings,
bear you on the breath of dawn.” John Groban PZ