Two very different groups
share the night time hours
One stays up late
into the wee small hours
the other awakens early
charged with waiting for the sunrise

Some establishments sit,
quiet mornings, abandoned,
slowly stirring afternoons,
coming awake evenings
Music begins
cigarettes are lit
alcohol begins to flow
Relief from work breaks out
greeting, talking, laughter spices,
the evening eases on
Come midnight things get serious
Music is loud, minds get fuzzy
Finally the hour comes
and folks go home.

The other group is waking up
planning a day of work
breakfast temptations climb the stairs
coffee? Oatmeal? Scrambled eggs and bacon?
The earth is about to move
Clear minds focusing on tasks
as sunlight smothers the darkness
Outside, the air is fresh
laden with morning dew
Engines begin to hum
hands move levers
and work begins to roll

People of the dark
have become people of the light
the day theirs to shape and form
into buildings built
products made
crops planted, tended and harvested

Light swaths the people
and the planet, day side
complex rays do their things
the earth, the people respond in reflection

Two different drummers
two different beats
late night, early morning
all walking the same earth
brothers and sisters of a sort

Some say we can choose
where to put our feet
others say
“We’re born that way”.

Not for me to judge
but to do my part
and do it as well as I can

Someday, I’ve no doubt,
we’ll all lay down
to rise no more
I pray I’m sent
to The Light…
of the world…

Lin 1/2011