History is laced with them
keystones of the seasons
little wedges
placed just so
at just the right time and place
to connect the dots

Governments come and go
people swirling, dancing briefly
passing on and far away
So often, it seems to me
just a little group
just a few folks
take control
Fists holding tightly
Swords always at ready
slashing away dissenters

I picture mighty Egyptians
chariots racing
chasing Hebrews across the desert
My mind’s eye sees Romans too
chasing Hebrews, chasing Christians
So powerful! So intimidating!

Leap forward to modern times
a band of Russians, focused
taking command of a vast country
expanding the borders
Fists holding tightly
Swords always at ready
slashing away dissenters

Yet another small group
a manic, powerful leader
taking command, declaring war
brutalizing people, cities, nations
Millions marching, goose stepping
arms held forth in salute
attacking, expanding
slashing away dissenters

In America today
small groups seething
some with fists clenched, raised others with anger and guns
lashing away in frustration
blinded in hate

There remains a remnant
people aligned with God
people sold out to Jesus
who flavor the earth with love

They serve others in Christ like love
marrying to serve, raising children to serve
serving in churches
spicing communities
even government

So often they are out of view
not in the papers
not on tv
never in the news
They quietly serve

The remnant people save us
putting forth The Way, The Truth, Life
here and forever

Take two steps back
calm yourself
you can see them!
Encourage them, please,
as you go along
Lift them up in prayer
and know

His eye is on the sparrow….