Our lives are really surrounded
by springs both big and small
The energy found inside them
serves us every day

Our cars have springs
in brakes and doors
hidden here and there
Kitchens have them every where
in drawers and doors and little machines
switches and light fixtures all rely
on the power in the springs

Trains and planes and great big trucks
count on springs to stop them
Big and small
they serve us all
seldom noticed, if at all

That hidden power comes to us too
hidden in other things
Winter bonds loosening
the grass begins to green
buds begin to swell
Earth’s blanket coloring
pushed by an unseen spring
is really pretty awesome
if you stop to think
Add in the coming blossoms
the flowers that springtime brings
Nature is power
harnessed from above
created, laid out, sure
It sings,
it blesses
as it uncoils to impress us

Summer and winter
springtime and harvest
Sun moon and stars
in their courses above
Join with all nature
in manifold witness
to Thy great faithfulness
mercy and love….*

Lin, Come on Spring! 3/2011
*Thomas Chisholm, William Runyan, 1923