I lay abed one morning
wife snuggled at my side
thinking about her world
Indeed I am surrounded

Each room in our house,
is her expression in fact
In shape, in color, in texture,
her art, laid out for all to drink

Take the laundry, sewing room,
where she cuts and sews and fashions
curtains, clothes, and more
each inch is her design, her choice

The windows look upon
her gardens, her flowers, her shrubs, her trees
but wait! That’s another book! Back, I say, inside,
Through the door and into the bedroom
ours for forty years

The bed, the spread, the pillow cases,
the floors, the walls, the ceiling,
are her, expressed in
shape, in color, texture

The bath? Of course we share it
maybe 90/10, but that’s okay!
I’m a farmer, don’t you know,
my world is ‘outcomes based’
and what comes out, is finely treasured

I’ll skip the other bedrooms
suffice to say they’re hers
to move on down the stairs

Kitchen? The pine wood floor
the cabinet doors, the sink, the fridge
each knife, each spoon, each cup
knows her hands upon them

Living room, family room, dining room, office
Every inch, every place, her hands have been there too.
You doubt I am surrounded?

All that is on the outside
inside it’s just the same
She has me all surrounded

Her heart is big enough
for me, for parents, for our children
and then for all they hold dear

We get some chances
to drink in pieces
to glimpse a fine designer,

Indeed we are surrounded
if we stop to see
to touch
to feel

Pause, this day,
to think about it
I think you’ll see it too
How love can be
through a person
how we can be surrounded

Praise God
from whom all blessings flow…

Lin 2.10