The earth is a quirky place
sometimes hot, sometimes cold
the winds blow hard or gentle
the sun beats down, or warms the soul
the rains come…, or not…

A springtime day
a touch of frost
when planting should be rolling
seeds stay warm, but in the bag
and in the shed, cozy

The farmer scratches his head
checks the weather, again
drinks more coffee
and thinks about the risks
Precious seeds, precious dollars
are sitting on the line
To plant, or not to plant
bet on the come?

Rule number one
(for lots of things!)
Don’t panic!
Tomorrow will come
always has
when the soil and air warm
to mother the seeds
help them grow, every so quickly

Rest and recharge
touch up the planter
be ready to pull the trigger
But today, step back
wait, be it every so hard
for a better day….

Selah, LIn 36 degrees, May 17, 2011