Soggy leaves, from a gentle night time rain
Soggy soil, luxuriously black and rich
Fields of cornstalks, nipped and low
from roaring machines that stole their fruit
All warmed by a bright fall sun

My toes are cold
is winter creeping, sneaking,
behind some dark barked tree?
The birds are flocking
geese doing check flights
bugs by the billions looking for refuge

The world is changing
as we watch
yes, winter is coming
we know it’s so
So, like the ant
we must hurry and go
to do a thousand things
before we rest hearthside

Early morning darkness
finds us rising and taking food
first light finds us outside
tending to machines
A magic moment comes
when a key is turned
and a deep throated roar begins

devour the crop
sift and sort and sift again
to pour the fruits collected
Boxes and trucks and train cars
barges and ships await

Eyes are watching
around the world
What’s the yield?
Will there be enough?
Can I afford to buy it?

Night is coming
and with it winter
when all will be quiet again
We’ll nestle down
to read and rest
and watch the cold winds blow
Another season
another year
planting, harvesting done

Selah, Lin 10/08