It came out again
at the annual holiday party
“Parkland is really a family”
said a long time Parkland person.

I looked around the room
seeing folks engaged with one another
smiles, laughter, concern
hand shakes and hugs
and men a few kisses on cheeks
respecting one another
enjoying being with one another

The common tasks
doing of them
does create some bonds
but there is another level
when the task involves
‘investing in people,
and things eternal’

In gifting of one’s best
doing it again and again
focused on students
who volunteer themselves
the giving to another
benefits all involved

Nested in there
the bond that forms
creates a family
and that’s where Parkland lives

So we know our role and play it
receiving awards along the way
not so much because we seek them
but more that others see us
gain from us
want to be like us

Holiday parties
so few times, really,
we pause to capture, share, feelings,
of respect, appreciation, being,
then hurry on into tomorrows
Selah, Lin 12/2011