Isn’t life just a series
of graduating from here to there?
Grandson Keller graduated today
from the lawnmowing tractor to a big one

John Deere Diesel
One hundred horses!
Big scoop on the front
that can lift and push

Twist goes the key to start
and a soft and low roar commences
down goes the clutch pedal
and into fifth gear goes a lever
give here a little ‘rabbit’
and ease out on the clutch
We’re moving!
Raise the scoop a bit
and wiggle the bucket back and forth
Wow! This is fun!

Around the farm we go
Keller and grandpa cruising,
then stopping to load her up
with a giant pile of branches
Back to the brush pile
and let the scoop unload
Back up, and here we go again!

A cool graduation, this,
from a little mower to a big tractor
but one of a thousand graduations….

Just maybe, at the end of life,
there is a final graduation?
We can be promoted, again,
from ‘here…earth…, to there…heaven!
Then we’ve truly arrived
for ever and evermore!

Here we get little tastes, little glories,
we celebrate with pleasure
We’re seeing through a glass darkly
but then it will be face to face!

Selah, Lin 8/2011

PS: Of course I am riding with him, and we are going slowly, carefully! Keller will be twelve in December.